Art Therapy uses creative processes to assist in improving a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Art Therapy is a form of creative counselling, a tool of psychotherapy and a fantastic way of communicating where there is difficulty.

Art therapy is useful for depression, autism, anxiety and stress, behavioural and relationship issues, life change and transitions, trauma, grief and loss, self worth and self esteem, body image issues, addictions, breaking negative patterns, clarifying strengths and life path/direction and more.

Art therapy can achieve different things for different people!



I am a qualified Art Therapist who runs Art Therapy small groups within Community Organisations (E.g. St Vincent's Women's refuge, Cardinal Freeman Men's Shelter, Wesley Mission Brighter Futures, The Women's Health project etc), as well as one-on-one home visits.  

I have experience working with female survivors of domestic violence, those diagnosed with autism, those struggling with addiction, teenagers and children. I would love to work creatively with you, your organisation, or your child to assist in reaching your full potential, using many different artistic modalities.

My role is be with you and help you to find the underlying feelings and messages portrayed in your artwork and in the process of making it. 

I also run Art-making workshops with groups, to not only teach minor techniques but to assist with fine motor-skills, rehabilitation and provide the therapeutic and developmental benefits of being creative!



You do not need to be an artist or feel confident with art making. The Art Therapy approach is not about making pictures that look 'good'. Rather, it focuses on looking beyond the images, colour, line, texture, movement and metaphor to the underlying message and feeling.

Art therapy is well suited to those who have difficulty expressing themselves solely with words. The workshops or sessions are custom designed around the clients needs. 


Please feel free to contact me for availability, rates, with questions, quotes. You name it!

You may remain anonymous if you wish.